Good deed for Advent – 15/12

Fri 15 Dec

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Library closed for this term

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Please note that no further library books will be send out this term.  We like to ensure that all books are kept at school during the holidays.  So could those who have not yet returned their library book please do so as soon as possible.

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L-Istrina Piggy Bank

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Tomorrow, there will be an Istrina Piggy Bank in our class.  For those who do not know, L-Istrina is a national fund raising activity that reaches its peak on boxing day.  It is organised by the Community Chest Fund which operates under the patronage of the President of Malta.  Funds collected are allocated to people in need and charitable organisations.  If you would like to fill our “Piggy” with your loose change, you can do by sending in the coins with your children tomorrow.

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Good deed for Advent – 14/12

Thurs 14 Dec

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You were amazing

Well done to every single one my children.  You were amazing.  You were also amazing throughout all the rehearsals, listening and following instructions and that is why your performance today was so great.

Now have a little rest and enjoy the remainder of the day!  See you tomorrow 🙂

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Good deed for Advent – 11/12

Mon 11 Dec

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The World Around Me – Christmas week 2

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Last week we dedicated a lot of time to fine tuning our Christmas concert.  To be able to do this in a way that the children would enjoy, I planned to do less academic work than usual so that the children would not be already tired of listening by the time that we got to the concert activities.  We were less rushed and I really enjoyed having time to be a bit more relaxed during activities with the children. We spent this relaxing time doing some Christmas tree decorations which helped the children work on their fine motor skills.

The children worked very hard on the concert and on Thursday and Friday, their performance was nearly perfect.  So well done everybody 🙂 🙂  Quite a few children were absent from school on these two days (I hope that you are all better), so tomorrow (Monday) we will dedicate some time helping these children remember their part in the concert.

This week we concentrated on the Snowman which is another symbol of Christmas.  The Children watched the film of the story based on the book “The Snowman” by Raymond Briggs.  You can find a link to this film on

We counted 9 sequins and used these to add eyes, mouth and buttons to a snowman.  This was the link to our numeracy activities and we spent some time in number 9 formation and counting activities.  Number 9 is written following the rhyme:

We re read the story of the nativity, this time focusing on the fact that Mary and Joseph found no room to stay after their journey to Bethlehem.  The children made a little crib using lollypop sticks and a picture of Mary, Joseph and Jesus that they coloured in themselves.


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